Episode 5: Religion and Spirituality

SUMMARY: In this episode, Nick discusses the role religion and spirituality can play in supporting DEI work. As a member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campus, Nick shares how religious and spiritual organizations can be a source of community, comfort, and inspiration for social change. Victoria delves into this conversation with questions such as: what kind of resources did your school have for navigating spiritual life? Do you think schools adequately provide resources for students with different cultural backgrounds and belief systems? How does religion affect your identity and the way you approach social issues? (01/15/2021)

Nick Yeh (Class of 2013), graduated from Occidental College in 2017 with degrees in Diplomacy & World Affairs, Theater and a minor in Economics. Aside from all the time he spent studying (which truth be told wasn’t very much, sorry mom), he spent most of his time in Religious & Spiritual Life, particularly involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Today, he is a public school teacher in Cambridge working with elementary school students, an IT/AV technician for a local university and his church, a volunteer for an online ministry platform for InterVarsity as well as half a dozen other freelance gigs (as if he needed more things to occupy his time). He is reachable on all forms of social media, and you can read his random musings and food recipes on his website: www.yehheardithere.com. You can also find his discord (VIVID) here: https://discord.com/invite/qzzx5x8

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