Episode 7: Allyship


In the final episode of Tiger Talk, Fanny and Victoria touch on all the topics discussed this season, and wrap up the conversation by discussing allyship. How can YOU be the positive change we wish to see? How can YOU support marginalized individuals in your life and in your community in a respectful, effective, and educated way?

Fanny tackles these questions by talking about the steps she takes in her life to be a good ally, and what that means to her. Fanny and Victoria talk about the difference between allyship and performative activism. They also discuss how to make your allyship more sustainable, and how to address the sense of burnout many people face when trying to fight for social justice. (3/15/2022)

Fanny Oyang (she/her) graduated from TAS in 2016 and attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a major Animal Science and minors in Integrative Biology and Chemistry.

Since graduating in 2020, Fanny has since shifted her focus to working and learning about social justice in urban spaces. She now works for a Christian non-profit ministry out of Roseland, a south side neighborhood of Chicago, where she helps build youth ministry programs spanning from after school care to music for Black youth, as well as fostering relationships with local churches. In a few months, she will be transitioning out of this two-year stint and moving back to Taipei to apply for graduate programs.

During her free time, she spends way too much time reading and watching documentaries, and also likes to snuggle with her cat!

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