• Episode 7: Allyship

    SUMMARY: In the final episode of Tiger Talk, Fanny and Victoria touch on all the topics discussed this season, and wrap up the conversation by discussing allyship. How can YOU […]

  • Episode 6: Internships

    SUMMARY: In this episode, Melissa provides insightful information about internships by talking about her diverse experience in the journalism and entertainment industry. She discusses the different ways one can access […]

  • Episode 5: Religion and Spirituality

    SUMMARY: In this episode, Nick discusses the role religion and spirituality can play in supporting DEI work. As a member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campus, Nick shares how religious […]

  • Episode 4: Privilege

    SUMMARY: In this episode, Tasha and Brendan discuss the concept of privilege: what does it mean? What kind of privileges do we have? How have your privileges affected your opportunities […]

  • Episode 3: Mental Health

    SUMMARY: In this episode, Joy opens up about why mental health is so important to them, and their experience as a mental health advocate on a college campus. Victoria Yeh […]

  • Trailer

    Welcome to Tiger Talk – a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) podcast hosted by DearTAS, a Taipei American School alumni led organization looking to spark important and educational conversations about […]

  • Episode 2: Microaggressions

    SUMMARY: In the second episode of Tiger Talk, Victoria Yeh (‘16) and Kendra Ing (‘16) define and discuss microaggressions. This episode will help the audience understand what microaggressions are, how […]

  • Episode 1: Introducing DEI

    SUMMARY: In the first episode of Tiger Talk, Victoria Yeh (‘16) and Keva Bui (‘13) introduce and explain important terms such as diversity, equity, inclusion, and intersectionality. Keva discusses their […]